Important Things to Know When Changing your Social Security Number

When considering changing your social security number, you should note that the process is not easy. You need a valid reason and various documentation to have the request granted. Losing your social security card may not be enough reason for receiving this change.

There are instances where you can get a completely new social security number. The SSA says some examples include when sequential numbers assigned to members of the same family and causing confusion or more than one person has been assigned an identical number. You may also change your social security number if you are an identity theft victim. Below are things to know when getting a new social security number.

Proper Documentation

document verificationYou will be required to provide a statement which explains why you want a new number. Also, you will be requested to present current third-party evidence which can document your need for replacing your old number. In the case of domestic violence, medical and police records and restraining orders can serve as evidence. Documentation from counselors, family members, and shelter, are also accepted as proof of necessity to apply for a new number.

Additionally, you will present original documentation which can prove your identity, citizenship, and age. Also, you will need to show original documents which can prove the name change.

The Number Sticks Around

If your old number was causing you trouble, you could be happy to hear the number will not be retired. This is, however, for your own good. The SSA says your original number will be kept on file. They do this so that your old history is not lost. Your old number is checked against the new number to make sure you receive proper credit for earnings under both numbers.

You Must Apply in Person

If you qualify to receive a new number, you will have to go to the local SSA office and make the application in person. You can also download an online or book an appointment with your local SSA office online. You can fill the Replacement Social Security Card SS-5 Form Processing For Lost Social Security Cards.

Credit Confusion

money and social security card

You need to be aware if your previous credit data does not link to the new social security number, you may have trouble obtaining new credit. Your history under the new number can make it look as though you are just recently building your credit. Lenders usually look at your past payment history to decide whether to approve your loan or grant. Your sparse history can make lenders to turn you down.

No Payment Required

Application for social security number or replacement card is free. You only need to go online and download the form. Some businesses try to make a buck who will offer social security services for free. Such companies advertise services which help individuals complete application forms. Know the process of getting a number or card does not need payment. Instead of using a third-party, your best bet is to do what you can complete on your own.

These are some of the essential things you should know before getting a new social security number. It is vital to note that the process is free and you do not need to pay anything.