Introduction MIEPA

The Closed Joint Stock Company “Moscow Investment and Export Promotion Agency” (MIEPA) was created as affiliated company of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2006 within the framework of the Moscow Government Program “Moscow Export Initiative” (MEXI) and under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The services that MIEPA provides include:

Foreign market research, marketing plans and strategic services.

Encouraging partnerships with prospective partners and customers, creating grassroots links between the Client and profiled institutions and communities and assistance in opening representative offices in Russia and abroad.

Enlisting the support and advice of Embassies and trade representative offices.

Structuring foreign trade deals. Assistance in the coordination of projects and logistical activities.

Organising presentations, seminars, conferences and business and trade missions.

Assisting in product certification in Russia and abroad.

Analysis and due diligence of investment projects, developing and writing business-plans, technical and economic assessments.

Upholding investment initiatives.

Providing contract security consultation services, legal support from qualified practitioners, checking on the reliability of partners, and assessing potential business risks.

Contributing to specific feasibility studies and research programs, promotion, marketing and sales campaigns and activities.

Assisting in the preparation of financial statements, legal restructuring

Other services: visa support, assistance in hotel booking, arranging transfers, guides, translation services, organising exchanges for technical specialists.

Our experience is at national and international level, with our focus on promoting goods and services through cooperation with investors all around the globe. The Agency operates in particular with the Middle East, China, India, North African countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States. MIEPA operates databases and search engines of the UN international organisation: Trade Map, Product Map. The Trade Map system contains information on trade flows in goods and services and tariff measures. It presents indicators on export trends, international supply and demand, alternative markets and competitor performance, which are useful in international business development. The Product Market Analysis Portal, or Product Map, consists of 72 web-based portals, each focusing on a particular industry and presenting extensive international trade data and market analysis tools specifically designed for organisations active in international trade. MIEPA develops a web portal Moscow Investment Gateway. The Investment Gateway is an electronic application. The system facilitates the information collection process for IPAs, ministries and other entities in charge of investment promotion. Relevant information on investment opportunities, procedures and the business environment are gathered and registered in an electronic database and can be easily communicated from a unique platform through the internet.
Suren O. Vardanian
Director General, MIEPA
Deputy Director General, MCCI

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Tel./fax: +7 495 1320611